I pledge allegiance to
the flag of the United
States of America and
to the Republic for
which it stands, one
nation under God,
indivisible, with
liberty and justice
for all.

Membership in the National Flag Day

      The National Flag Day Foundation joins forces with community groups and individuals that love our flag and want to keep its traditions alive.

      Our goal is to teach Americanism, using Flag history, enlisting 4-H groups, VFW Scouts, and other patriots to teach the lessons of our great flag.

      The National Flag Day Foundation initiates fund raising efforts to support Bernard J. Cigrands’ dream to fittingly commemorate the birthday of the American Flag. And to carry the message of our Flag to the future leaders of our great country – our youth.

Specific Objectives Include:

-A flag in every classroom
-Inculcate in all, a respect for our flag, symbol of our Great Country
-Pass on to all “whose shoulders we are standing on”
-Provide the next generation of leaders the history of our flag to insure their way of life in this Country.
- Touch all Americans

We hope you will join us in our mission

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John J. Janik

National Flag Day Foundation

The National Flag Day Foundation is a Tax Exempt Educational Foundation

Commemorative Brick Program

      Become part of the community tapestry with a commemorative brick - The bricks are a wonderful way to make a permanent statement for your loved ones, as a memorial, for your business or organization or for yourself! To Pledge a brick simply print out the PDF order form, fill it out and mail to the National Flag Day Foundation.

Click here to download the Commemorative Brick Form

Fund Raising

      Fund raiser’s and local support cover all expenses. The National Flag Day Foundation is an all volunteer organization and no one is paid any wages.

      In February we held our first Annual Silent Auction / Dinner / Dance. The event was a huge community success and a great time was shared by all the patriots, young and old who participated. Watch this site for the date of this year’s event and join us!

      The National Flag Day Foundation also sells unique Foundation Products like T-Shirts, Mugs and natural Red White and Blue, Flag Day Popcorn.
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