I pledge allegiance to
the flag of the United
States of America and
to the Republic for
which it stands, one
nation under God,
indivisible, with
liberty and justice
for all.

The Program

      The observance is held in June each year. It starts with a program that includes a ceremonial raising of the Flag, singing of the National Anthem, and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and Presidential Proclamation. Special recognitions are awarded. Crowd favorites include musical salutes to the Armed Forces and military fly overs. The program concludes with a Benediction and Taps. The streets of town are closed for the program and parade. Please join us for this special occasion.

The Parade

      The parade lasts approximately two hours. It features over 100 marching and military units including notable traveling bands, area high school bands, squads, color guards, and pipe/drum units. Area fire departments, scout packs, 4-H clubs, equestrian units, civic and private floats, and other vehicles also participate.

The Americanism Center Avenue of Flags

      In 1995 the National Flag Day Foundation greatly expanded its goals. We achieved 501(c)3 status, purchased a former 13000 sq.ft. school and 15 acres of land. This gave us the opportunity to embrace our educational mission to bring to our schools the lessons and history of our flag, symbol of our great country. We want to ensure that our fellow citizens, especially our youth are reminded upon whose shoulders they are standing. We remodeled the corridors of our building and lined the main corridors with all 27 star configurations of our flag.

     Along side each fringed flag is a political , economic, and military history of our great country. This was six years prior to September 11, 2001 and we had to hold a drawing on who would donate the flags. The response was overwhelming. We now use our Avenue of Flags as a teaching tool to school groups that are invited to tour the facilities.

The Americanism Center Commemorative Courtyard

      In 1996 we constructed a two acre oval commemorative court yard. Its purpose is to provide a way to remember our loved ones through bricks that are purchased and strategically placed in the grounds of the courtyard. A section of bricks in the shadow of the Flag is provided for veterans of all wars, and another section in front of the yard is for remembering community patriots.

The Americanism Center Museum

      Also in 1996, work on the National Flag Day Foundation’s museum started. We now have three museums; each in its own room and each dedicated to a specific vision. The first is a Military museum and includes photos, uniforms, essays from various schools, presidential photos, scout photos among many other items.

      The second museum depicts early businesses with memorabilia and furnishings from the post office, general store, hardware store, butcher shop, barbershop and much more.

      The third museum is dedicated to Bernard J. Cigrand; his writings , photos, history and homestead.

      The whole museum is open to the public anytime by request at (262) 692-2385 or (262) 692-2811.

The Americanism Center

      The balance of our building is occupied by Scouts, American Legion, 4-H groups, Lions and senior citizens. It is open continuously and there is no charge for facilities. Turn key expenses for heat and utilities exceed $16000.00/yr. with total expenses approx. $40,000 per year. Fund raisers and local support cover all expenses. The National Flag Day Foundation is an all volunteer organization and has no paid staff.

      At the 1998 Observance we were honored by then Gov. Tommy G. Thompson’s participation. We discovered Gov. Thompson was quite a historian. Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner honors us every year with his presence. He was born on Flag Day. They both are true patriots.

      For the 2000 Observance, dignitaries from Luxembourg visited us. We were privileged to have among the many visitors, The U S Ambassador to Luxembourg and The Luxembourg Ambassador to the United States. The group was here to present a bronze statue of Bernard J. Cigrand to the National Flag Day Foundation and the people of America. The statue has motion activated electronics that tell the story of Bernard J. Cigrand, Father of Flag Day.

      The country of Luxembourg takes great pride in its contribution of one of its sons Nicholas Cigrand coming to America and his son becoming the Father of Flag Day.

The Americanism Center Family Day

      Since the purchase in 1995 of the Americanism Center the National Flag Day Foundation hosts a Family Day immediately following the parade. This includes horse & buggy rides, games, contest, face painting and treasure hunting in a sand pile, The day concludes with a lighted American Flag at dusk: the National Anthem and fireworks.

      We have also procured a 60’ x 40’ flag. It takes 7 of us to raise it between two utility poles. It has become a popular spot for taking group pictures.

      The 2002 Flag Day Observance was June 9th. The theme was “Remembering our Heritage”. We highlighted our mission of a flag in every class room and the Pledge of Allegiance to start each day.

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